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IBM has announced that it will ending support for their v10.1 InfoSphere MDM Initiate solution in April, 2017.  What does that mean to you and your organization?

It means that in order for your organization to continue receiving support on your MDM solution, you will need to obtain the latest version of the IBM MDM InfoSphere software 11.5 (as of 7/5/17) – as it is the superior version of the software.

Over the past 12 years, JigSol as an organization has been involved in over 50 successful upgrades.  Due to our exposure and experience in the upgrade and implementation arenas, we are in a position to offer outstanding service and the ability to tackle projects in a timely and efficient manner. We have gained insight and knowledge through our hands on experience; allowing us to create a streamlined and customer focused approach.

 What to expect when upgrading.  Even though that the 11.5 of the MDM software is a departure from the 10.x architecture, the process JigSol has put together a process creating minimal disturbance to the existing user base while delivering maximum impact.

 There are three types of upgrades that clients typically choose from:

            “As-Is” Upgrade: The existing implementation will be upgraded “as is”.  The algorithm and configuration will remain intact and minimal configuration changes will be made.  Post upgrade, a health check will be conducted to ensure that the system is operating at optimal performance.  The typical upgrade timeline is approximately 4-6 weeks for three environments (development, test and production)

            Upgrade + Configuration Changes: Upgrade time can be a perfect time to assess the existing implementation.  Are there things that need to be modified in the algorithm?  New attributes to add, new data sources?  Database cleanup? All of which can be done simultaneously to maximize resources while reducing interruptions to the product and keeping system maintenance costs to a minimum.  A health check will be performed before, during and after.

            New Upgrade Implementation:  Over the years a lot of lessons have been learned by your MDM team and now that an upgrade is required, let’s start implementing those lessons.  This option is similar to the Upgrade + Configuration option, this package will take MDM to the next level and allow for a complete data reload, new configuration, and new algorithm.  The upgrade team will perform similar tasks as were performed during an implementation.  This will include full requirements gather, weight generation process, sample pair analysis, etc.


What is included in each upgrade – other than an upgrade environment?

  • Documentation:
    • Before each upgrade starts, the existing implementation documented and verified.
    • Upgrade process will be clearly spelled out
    • Post Upgrade Configuration Document
    • Maintenance of the new Hub
  • Training
    • Training on Inspector, Web-Reports, Workbench and other end-user tools
    • Operation Training
      • WebSphere Application Server
      • Implemented components (Engine, Broker, etc.)
  • Pre and Post Upgrade Health-check
  • Validate algorithm and configuration to ensure optimal operational
  • Skilled consultants – Project Manager and Coordinator, Upgrade Specialist

Bottom line: your upgrade can be customized according to requirements and specifications.  JigSol’s hands on experience and industry tested skillset creates a unique and rewarding experience for our clients.  Each upgrade will be performed in a timely and efficient manner with minimal disturbances to the business as well as to the users of the system. We pride ourselves on our carefully designed customer-centric approach!Type your paragraph here.